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Monday, 11 February 2013

I grew something!

Sadly I am not the best at the whole gardening thing. This is what happened when I tried to grow stuff with green leaves last year and I had no luck with carrots. They just ended up being little orange lumps - not something that I could throw in with the Sunday roast.
However, out by the clothes line where my "vegie garden" lives something rather fantestic is happening.

Tomatoes are growing!! Little ones and big ones. And they taste great.
Now I have to add right here and now that just about everyone in Canberra grows tomatoes in the summer. And I mean everyone. Supermarket sales of tomatoes must nosedive because we all can get them from the garden however.... I am pretty pleased with myself that I have finally manged to join the crowd and grow some of those red beauties for myself.

All I need to do now is convince my children that tomatoes really are delicious even it they aren't   purreed and put on top of a pizza base!

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

I wish my garden looked like this.

It's Spring in the capital and it really is a gorgeous time of year.
There is a sense of renewal and freshness. All in all I feel a little like a butterfly emerging. My wings are a little battered and bruised and my antennae need a bit of a tune up but I'm coming out into the light and the warmth and it feels good.
The sun is out and when it is on my back my shoulders relax for the first time in what seems like ages.
 It's still -2 degrees in the morning but it is now 19 degrees in the middle of the day. Today, I'm not wearing socks - a spring milestone.

A couple of weekends ago a house in our street had their garden open for inspection and I decided I would like to move into their space!


All those daffodils and jonquils. It's enough to make my heart fly!